The Cement Factory

Unique Homemade Planters, Stepping Stones, Paverpol Sculptures, Glass Totems and Garden Accessories

Welcome to The Cement Factory

We specialize in making unique homemade planters, stepping stones, Paverpol sculptures, glass totems and garden accessories. We are always looking for new unique ideas to turn into wonderful creations. I personally have always been involved in the arts and have found that painting and drawing was an outlet for myself. After searching endlessly for an inexpensive unique stepping stone for my own personal perennial garden with no success it was suggested that I make my own. That's exactly what I did. Little did I know I opened a Pandora's box of endless possibilities of wonderful cement, Paverpol and glass creations. Thus The Cement Factory was born!! I have been creating cement creations since July 2014 and I am excited to introduce my new adventures with sculpting with Paverpol and re-purposing recycled glass.

Unique Tips

Tuck Chicks and Hens in the folds of our planters and watch them climb and grow.

Grow moss on any of our cement products by mashing moss with yogurt and making a paste. Paint it on your surface and mist regularly and watch the moss grow.

Remember to take your planters in this winter. They can be out in the rain but the moisture plus cold will crack your planter.

Before returning Paverpol statues to the garden, an annual or seasonal coating of outdoor spray varnish would be recommended.

Add drainage holes to your planter by taking a finishing nail and a hammer.

I do not put drain holes so that you can use them for many purposes.


I am now a certified Paverpol Instructor and even more exciting I have

Gift Certificates now available 

Stepping Stones 

Unique handmade decorative stepping stones. Use as an accent in or out of your garden. Or spruce up that fence with a unique wall hanging.


One of a kind planters.

Use these unique fabric and cement pieces as unique flower pots, dried arrangements, candle holders, or in your home decor as a artistic conversation piece.

Paverpol Sculptures

My New Love

Paverpol is a textile hardener from Holland.

Combine fabric and Paverpol with creativity and a sculpture is born.

Paverpol can be placed in the garden or patio throughout the year no matter how cold or wet it is outside .

Garden Accessories

Moss spheres, succulent hands, orb water gardens, bird baths, garden stakes, toad stools, planting troughs, succulent bowls, water falls and much more.

Glass Totems

One of a kind pieces of recycled glass repurposed to make unique garden art.